Construction Capabilities

The Buncher Company serves as its own general contractor, utilizing a combination of highly skilled craftsmen and carefully selected outside subcontractors, resulting in savings that are passed on to our tenants in the form of lower lease rates. With extensive in-house project management and construction capabilities, construction decisions are made and implemented promptly to keep projects on schedule and within budget.

Built to Last Construction

The Buncher Company constructs attractive, low maintenance, quality masonry and precast exposed aggregate buildings that provide energy savings and have an extended life. Buildings are updated and maintained to keep them attractive and economical not only for our present tenants but for future tenants as well.

Support services and benefits provided by The Buncher Company include:

  • Good working relationships with governmental agencies/authorities to secure permits
  • Experience in the application of green building materials
  • Solutions for maximum space utilization
  • Straight forward and cost effective programs for all projects
  • Stimulating local economies by employing local industries and workforce
  • CPM and Bar Chart Scheduling
  • Continuous job inspections by qualified Project Managers