Multi-Service Supply 
a Division of The Buncher Company

Since 1976, Multi-Service Supply has been a leading national and international supplier of new and reconditioned rail car parts, hoses, air brake valves, and related components for locomotives, freight cars and passenger cars. The fully certified air brake shop specializes in the repair and return, unit exchange and outright sale of valves for all types of railroad rolling stock. Its experienced staff is dedicated to stringent quality control practices and committed to outstanding service to its customers, which include class I, regional and short-line railroads and car repair shops.

The unique "Unit Exchange" program that Multi-Service Supply offers is designed to accommodate customers in need of quick turnaround service. Under this program, Multi-Service Supply is able to immediately ship a new or reconditioned air brake valve or related component to the customer reducing down time. Once the locomotive or car is back in service, the second hand core that was removed can then be returned to Multi-Service Supply for credit. Maintaining a significant inventory of brake valves is the key to this exceptional program which distinguishes Multi-Service Supply from other air brake suppliers.

Special Services Provided by Multi-Service Supply Include:

  • Freight car components such as complete truck assemblies and parts including wheel-on-axle assemblies, side frames, bolsters, brake beams and springs.
  • Car parts such as couplers, yokes, draft gears, hand brakes, knuckles and related coupler apparatus.
  • Running repair items such as brakes shoes, brake shoe keys and grab irons.

Ready Availability

In addition to the unit exchange program, Multi-Service Supply stocks a large and diverse inventory of ready-to-ship items to quickly serve its customers.

Certified Quality Assurance

All work is performed to the exacting standards of the Association of American Railroads and the Federal Railroad Administration and is subject to stringent quality inspections throughout the production process. Multi-Service Supply is certified by the Association of American Railroads M-1003 Quality Assurance Program for Reconditioned Locomotive and Freight Car Air Brake Valves and Status 9 Wheel/Axle Shop for the mounting of Roller Bearings.

More information can be found on the Multi-Service Supply Website: