Multi-Service Supply

Since 1976, Multi-Service Supply, a division of The Buncher Company, has been a leading supplier of new, reconditioned, and recycled railroad car parts and components.

We specialize in reconditioning and refurbishing all types of locomotive, freight, and passenger car air brake valves and related components.

Our customers include many Class I railroads, regional railroads, short lines, and freight car repair shops. All reconditioning is performed to O.E.M. specifications and our shop meets all requirements of the Association of American Railroads (AAR) Quality Assurance Program as specified in M-1003. The AAR-approved Air Brake Shop is one of the largest privately-owned shops in the country, capable of repairing most component parts of the air systems of freight cars, locomotives, and passenger cars.

Certified Quality
Multi-Service Supply work is performed by our experienced technicians to meet the exacting standards of the Association of American Railroads and the Federal Railroad Administration, and is subject to stringent quality inspections throughout the production process. Our production shops have been certified by the Association of American Railroads M-1003 Quality Assurance Program for Reconditioned Freight Car and Locomotive Air Brake Valves.

More information can be found on the Multi-Service Supply Website:

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