Construction Management

The Construction Group serves as The Buncher Company’s own general contractor by utilizing a combination of our own highly skilled craftsmen as well as carefully selected subcontractors.

This approach results in significant savings, which we then pass on to our tenants in the form of lower lease rates. Extensive in-house project management and construction capabilities give us the flexibility to make and implement construction decisions on a fast-track basis, keeping projects on schedule and within budget.

The Construction Group has achieved success and recognition for many reasons:

  • Ongoing working relationship with governmental agencies and authorities in securing approvals and permits
  • Ability to provide solutions for maximum space utilization
  • Implementation of the most efficient and cost-effective programs for a project
  • Continuous job oversight inspections performed by our experienced on-site project managers
  • Employment of local contractors and suppliers which helps preserve local jobs
  • The application of energy-efficient design building materials

With a history of retaining its properties, The Buncher Company is renowned for structures that are built to last and energy efficient, starting with quality masonry or precast buildings. We then take it one step further by maintaining and updating all buildings as needed to keep them attractive, compliant with current building codes, and cost effective for current tenants and future occupancy.

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