Our History

Our History

Jack G. Buncher

Revitalization to What Others Deemed Unusable

Without execution, a vision is a static plan. The Buncher Company’s founder, Jack G. Buncher, had a vision of giving life and revitalization to what had been deemed by others to be unusable. This vision took flight, evolving into the multi-faceted company it is today.

In 1935, brothers Jack and Albert assumed control of H.H. Buncher Company, the family scrap business, and began its transformation into a business with an industrial focus. When the demand for steel and scrap metals grew during and after World War II, the company kept pace, sourcing scrap steel for the steel industry, among its other projects.

In 1949, the business, now named The Buncher Company, boasted a greatly expanded service menu that included site development and general construction.  The following decade took the company in the direction of purchasing properties to diversify its portfolio, one of the first purchases being 60 acres in Leetsdale along the Ohio River.

Industrial parks began to gain popularity in Pennsylvania, and The Buncher Company was at the forefront with the development of the Buncher Industrial District in 1954, now known as the Buncher Commerce Park – Leetsdale.  Over the years this park expanded from 60 acres to 108 acres, to include 26 buildings and 1.6 million square feet of industrial and commercial space.

Jack Buncher became sole owner of The Buncher Company in 1957 with the passing of his brother, Albert.

The future vision had become a reality: The Buncher Company’s evolution into a sophisticated multi-phase industrial development entity that melded planning, design, engineering, construction and leasing, tailored to a tenant’s unique needs and specifications. This was exemplified by the development of substantial holdings in the City of Pittsburgh and six surrounding counties.

Jack Buncher’s legacy lives on long after his passing in 2001, at the age of 90. The Buncher Company continues to thrive in the capable hands of a strong, trusted management team, many of whom he had put in place to carry on as his successors. Always evolving while honoring our past.

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