Sale Leaseback

The Buncher Company offers a financing option that can benefit commercial property owners by providing capital without interrupting daily operations.

Known as a sale leaseback, the arrangement enables the owner to sell its property to The Buncher Company and then lease it back under mutually-agreed upon lease terms and conditions, thereby freeing up cash for use in the client’s business. Often, the terms of the sale leaseback provide an option for the tenant or former owner to repurchase the property.

While there are many motivations for engaging in a sale leaseback agreement for both buyer and seller, most arrangements are made when the seller decides to improve its financial position and stability by freeing up the value of its real estate asset. In leasing the asset that has just been sold, the client can continue with business as usual, only making adjustments to ownership rights and access to capital. Control and use of the property stays intact without actually owning the property.

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