Vision, Mission, and Values

Vision, Mission, and Values

Always Evolving While Honoring Our Past

Staying true to core values, and maintaining quality, integrity, and customer service are rarities in today’s competitive real estate industry. The Buncher Company is one notable exception, a reputable leader as a developer and lessor of industrial and commercial real estate in Pittsburgh and surrounding western Pennsylvania communities.

For The Buncher Company, history repeating itself is a good thing, never losing sight of its historical foundation and future visions. We have evolved to meet the diverse needs of clients representing food services, high-tech, engineering, transportation, banking, communications and government agencies.

From startups to Fortune 500s, The Buncher Company’s name recognition stands alone. The results are evident – throughout our region and beyond – in thriving industrial parks, offices, and distribution, flex, and manufacturing facilities. The Buncher Company continues to make a difference, continues to stay true to its legacy.


We pledge our resources to:

  • Partner with our clients and customers to assist them in achieving their objectives;
  • Furnish our employees with a supportive work environment that encourages their professional and personal development;
  • Provide our communities with social, economic, and environmental benefits through collaborative planning and development;
  • Provide our shareholders with market returns to support their charitable undertakings.


The Buncher Company earned its reputation as a renowned developer and lessor of properties by putting clients and customer service first. Honesty, mutual respect, and collaboration are the historical mainstays of The Buncher Company – and our continued vision for the future.

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